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All of our spindles, Nostes, Akhas and Bottom Whorls are individually hand made. Because of this we cannot guarantee that the exact item you see on our web site is available. For that reason we do not have an online ordering system. If you see anything that sparks your interest send us an e-mail and we can tell you if its available. If its not we can probably come pretty close to a duplicate, it will depend on material availability.

If you dont see what you are looking for drop us a line with details of what your want, a sketch may also be useful if you want something particularly unusual. Once we have had a chance to talk i can quote you a price.

If you see something you like all you need to do is send us an email with:

  1. The item number of the piece you liked
  2. Your contact information

If you don't see anthing in partular that strikes your fancy drop us an email with:

  1. Your contact information
  2. The type of item you want (spindle, noste, etc.)
  3. The general dimensions and finish you want
  4. The type(s) of wood you want
  5. A sketch of what you are looking for if its particularly complex

We strive to match you needs as closely as humanly possible, if you are unhappy with your purchase we both lose.