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About Us

I started turning drop spindles since my wife and life partner was going to buy them from somewhere else if I didn’t. Being recently retired it seemed a good way to conserve some cash. I did my first orifice hook to replace a broken one from one of my wife's wheels and decided that they were pretty interesting as well. A friend of hers in the fiber world wanted an Ahka spindle and a Nostepinne, so those followed.

I hand make every piece so there are no two that are going to be identical , although I can come pretty close if it strikes your interest. You have the choice of woods; from domestic hardwoods to the exotics.

Both the whorl and shaft are hand-turned and detailed. The shafts start out as square stock and are ornate on both ends. Dowels are not used. These pieces are not mass produced. I have a variety of shafts, whorls, and woods to choose from and will try my best to accommodate your personal preference.  All pieces are handmade and hand rubbed to a fine finish.   

Please look through the photos in our catalog to see if there isn't something that arouses your desire to work with natural fibers. Prices vary according to difficulty and woods used. Custom requests are welcomed. Whorls and shafts can be ordered to your tastes.

If you have a vision of something that you would like, give me some general dimensions and I will try to please your tastes. All of the spindles are tested before they are offered up for sale.     

If you are not thrilled with your order there is a 100% guarantee that applies to each piece that I make.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Steve & Connie